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Discover AGILITY, the revolutionary Business Management software designed to evolve alongside your company. Tailored for small to medium businesses (SMBs), AGILITY redefines the traditional CRM/CDP landscape by offering essential, streamlined features that drive growth.

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Efficient Project & Task Tracking

Take Control of Your Business

Transform your business operations with AGILITY, a comprehensive suite combining project management, time tracking, and CRM capabilities, all in one platform. Designed to adapt and grow with your business, AGILITY offers customizable features to fit any industry, making it simple to manage client projects, track time, invoice, and communicate with clients effectively.

Trusted by tech companies, marketing agencies, creative firms, contractors, and law offices, AGILITY streamlines operations to enhance productivity and client satisfaction.



Who We Are

Two decades ago, our journey began with a multi-media design company struggling to find an all-encompassing tool for client and project management.

This led to the creation of AGILITY, software developed to adapt and grow with any business’s diverse demands. Designed with the foresight of a business owner’s needs in mind, AGILITY excels in project management for various sectors—design, law, IT—by offering an advanced contact management system that adapts to your project’s unique requirements, streamlining your operations and enhancing efficiency.

AGILITY's Core Capabilities: Empowering Your Business

Explore AGILITY's Core Functions Designed for Success


Real Time Dashboard

Access a comprehensive dashboard that goes beyond tracking appointments and tasks. Managers can effortlessly compare budgets to actual expenses and review pending billables, all in one glance.


TXT/E-Mail Notifications

Enhance task completion with AGILITY's integrated SMS/TXT and email alerts, ensuring staff and clients stay informed about assignments and meetings.


Document Management

A secure and user-friendly system for storing critical client documents, enabling specific staff to access and share needed files efficiently for any project.


Time Tracking

Simplify logging employee hours with our integrated time clock within the Task and Project management module, offering insights into billed versus unbilled time on an employee basis.


Flexible Management

Adapt to projects requiring external collaboration by linking internal teams with subcontractors and third-party partners, complemented by a client portal for continuous satisfaction.


Dynamic Contacts

Address the modern workforce's flexibility by managing contacts who serve in varied roles across different companies, especially beneficial for our legal sector clients managing multiple cases.

Boost your team's efficiency with AGILITY

A seamless solution for project oversight, task organization, schedule management, and online billing.

Need Assistance or Have a Special Request?

At Logistics 360, we recognize every business's unique challenges and strive to adapt AGILITY to meet your specific needs. A significant portion of AGILITY's features are developed from user feedback, ensuring our commitment to your success. If you have any questions or are searching for a particular feature, our team is ready to assist.

We're committed to determining if AGILITY aligns with your business requirements or if future updates can accommodate your needs, positioning AGILITY as a dedicated partner for your business's growth and evolution. Complete the form below for a demo & consultation.

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    What's New in AGILITY

    Updated Features and Software News

    User Defined Database Labels

    User Defined Labels

    AGILITY was built with flexibility in mind, and the inclusion of user-defined labels is a smart move. This feature helps... read more

    CRM Contact and Lead Management

    CRM Communication and Lead Management

    Our new feature allows you to supercharge your contact management by creating lead sheets and followup reminders for your existing... read more

    Helpdesk Service Ticketing

    New Feature Spotlight – Customer Portal and Service Tickets

    Introducing the new Customer Portal & Service Tickets: the perfect way to manage customer service requests quickly & easily! read more

    customer service ticketing

    Customer Experience

    Agility CRM+  keeps customer experience a top priority.

    AGILITY is a simple and intuitive web platform for client/customer data, scheduling, tasks... read more

    Explore Billing Methods

    Agility CRM+ is a Web-Based System supporting MULTIPLE BILLING METHODS and integrated with Quickbooks online accounting software

    Agility CRM+  supports different... read more

    Task Management Engagement

    Agility CRM+ Task Management feature is employee-centric and encourages employees to enhance their engagement and productivity

    Agility CRM+ provides a ... read more

    Questions About AGILITY?

    We are here to guide you through how AGILITY can fit into your business model. Contact Us for a Custom Consultation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We do not offer refunds. All fees relating to paid services, including the initial fees and any subsequent automatic renewal fees, are non-refundable. If you initiate a chargeback or otherwise reverse a payment made with a credit card through the Stripe payment gateway, Logistics 360 LLC may, at the company’s discretion, cancel your paid subscription services immediately. If Logistics 360 LLC successfully disputes the reversal, and the reversed funds are returned to Logistics 360 LLC, for more information be sure to reference our Terms of Service which is required to be agreed to prior to the creation of any account within our system.

    Yes. You can cancel anytime from the License tab under the User module. When you cancel, you will lose your access at the end of your billing cycle. Be sure you use all your data and information before the cancellation goes into effect. As long as your superuser (initial license) Is still active you will have access to all user data in the system. Upon final cancellation of the remaining license your data will be removed per our Terms of Service license agreement.

    We currently offer monthly billing. Your billed by license blocks based on the date of purchase of those blocks. License will be renewed before your due expiration date unless you cancel your subscription before. You have the ability to lower your subscription blocks by individual licenses during any time during the month of your subscription, however there is not a pro-rated credit for early reduction of licenses during the billing cycle. This is due to the fact that we do not delete the data associated with that license and any work within the system will still be accessible.

    At the end of your free trial, your membership will automatically renew and you will be charged for a subscription on a monthly unless you cancel. You can cancel at any time prior to the renewal without being charged.

    We try to price our software in-line with industry standard pricing. However we have had large scale organizations request 6 month or 12 month advanced payment pricing for our user licenses. Fill our our contact form and one of our sale agents can contact you for a custom quote for services. Volume discounts begin for organizations with over 25 active user licenses.

    We do occasionally get asked about training services. We have trainers in multiple states in the United States and can provide a quote for on-site training. AGILITY was built with simplicity in mind and we do provide new customers with access to our on-line video library to assist in setup and configuration of the system. Should you require more instruction; reach out we are hear to help.

    We do provide a couple of templates for importing customer data into our system. However custom import / export services would be an add-on charge and would be priced based on the nature of the service we would be providing. Many of our data screens do allow CSV export of data for projects, tasks, and time and attendance entries if you wish to use them with external systems.

    We offer 24/7 email support with an average response time of less than 2 hours for your inquiry. Licensed users get support included via email. Phone and Video support is available at a per incident fee paid in advance. Many of our users have purchased a couple of training hours to setup the system though it is not required.